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Excel VBA Training Courses Can Enhance Your Career Prospects

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Excel VBA training is ideal for users who know Excel really well but have yet to master macros. Visual Basic for Applications or VBA (a variant of Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language) was introduced with Excel version 5 in the early nineties. The current implementation of VBA, which allows macros to be created in a separate environment called the Visual Basic Editor, was first introduced in Office 97.

Naturally, in order to be able to write Excel macros, you need know the Excel fairly well. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to make sense of the Excel object model: the programmatic representation of the software which is used in VBA to automate Excel. Without a reasonable knowledge of the program, you may also find yourself writing macros to perform operations which might be better done by using standard, advanced Excel features.

Excel VBA training courses will assume that you know Excel fairly well and discuss the manipulation of workbooks, worksheets, ranges, cells, charts (and the other components commonly encountered in the program) without any explanation of their basic nature or use. If you have programming experience, attending an Excel VBA course will be that much easier. However, good Excel macro training will not make any assumptions in this regard and will begin by examining fundamental concepts and techniques.

Learning to use VBA to write your own macros is a great method of improving your workflows, saving yourself time and reducing the number of errors made when performing long series of operations. If familiarity with Excel is important for your career, becoming a reasonably competent in Excel macro programming will enhance your career prospects.

Not every macro you create after attending an Excel VBA training class will be important or ambitious. You may find yourself faced with a single task which you know will take you an inordinate amount of time. You may find that, simply by writing a few dozen lines of VBA code, what would have taken you hours now takes only a few minutes.

So how do you start learning Excel VBA? Well, one of the first concepts you will need to grasp is that in order to automate Excel, you have to refer to the various components and features which the program contains. In order to do this successfully, you need to know the name VBA name assigned to each element and the correct syntax to use in order to accomplish a certain task.

Each component which forms part of Excel is an object with a specific name, usually a fairly obvious name, such as workbook, worksheet or range. Learning to write successful macros involves using Visual Basic code to manipulate and automate these Excel objects and this is exactly what a good Excel VBA training course will enable you to do.

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